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  • As you read, suspend disbelief

  • As you sleep, dream of flying

  • As you wake, keep looking for the door behind the closet or the elf in the bushes

Reba Birmingham is your tour guide to Merryville, California. Her debut Novel, Floodlight, has been delighting readers since it was published. This site will introduce you to bonus material on her characters, upcoming events and allow you to purchase from the comfort of your home. Happy Reading!

"In this first novel in a projected fantasy series, debut novelist Birmingham’s LGBTQ representation among the cast is refreshing. She parallels the fictional cult with the patriarchy, and she compares interspecies relationships in the fantasy world with LGBTQ relationships in ours" - Kirkus Review



Announcement from Reba Birmingham, October, 2018

Launch Point Press Reba Birmingham author

BREAKING NEWS: I have signed with Launch Point Press, a publishing company located in Portland Oregon, my time zone, hooray. Launch Point owner Lori Lake is committed to “Changing the World One Book at a time!”

Being a writer you must learn about all kinds of things that have nothing to do with immersing your head in the other worlds we authors know really do exist. (Shhhhh). Beta Readers, Editors, Publishers, Marketing, Contracts, Award Seasons. . . but it comes with the territory. And, ehem, I also have a full time job.

The next book is currently called, "Words on a Plate" and follows Mitzi and Panda on a trek into Peru. It is longer than the first and has made it through the first edit. Stories have a life of their own, and I know you will enjoy it even more for the delay. Thank you for being a reader, authors would cease to exist without you. Coming 2019, please provide your email on the contact page so we can notify you of the drop date.

The 2nd Edition of Floodlight is available now on Amazon in both paperback and ebook. You can use the contact section of this website to email me directly. I look forward to hearing from you!

Reba Birmingham honored at Harvey Milk Park May 17th, 2018

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The Harvey Milk Park - Equality Plaza Selection Committee along with its City friends, honored this years Equality Plaza Inductees:

Reba Birmingham

Raúl A. Añorve


John Newell

Mina Meyer & Sharon Raphael.



Lesbian Author Panel April 8th at The LGBTQ Center in Long Beach.

Moderator Dr. Marie Cartier with panelists: Patty Schramm, Reba Birmingham, Verda Foster, Lynette Beers, Dakota Hudson and Jane Dilucchio. Event sponsored by Lesbian News and The LGBTQ Center in Long Beach.