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  • As you read, suspend disbelief

  • As you sleep, dream of flying

  • As you wake, keep looking for the door behind the closet or the elf in the bushes

Reba Birmingham is your tour guide to Merryville, California. Her debut Novel, Floodlight, has been delighting readers since it was published. Click on the PORTAL to purchase

Now available in paperback and ebook at BELLA books and AMAZON.

WORDS ON A PLATE NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON ! Book 2 in the Hercynian Forest Series.

Here is Advance Praise from best selling author Mel White:

  “In Floodlight she introduces us to our heroes, Panda, a travel agent and Mitzi her free-spirited wife who sprouts wings in times of danger. Floodlight’s colorful cast includes fairies, elves, dwarfs and other magical mystical creatures summoned to protect the young lesbian couple from Wolfrum and his army of blood thirsty ravens.

 In Words on a Plate, Panda and Mitzi are back with their guardian elves, Ekkhard and Elsa but so too is Wolfrum, the cult leader of the Wolf religion and a host of new creatures including shape-shifting-panthers, warrior women, dangerous monks and courageous Sisters of the Sun.  

 There’s no way to introduce you to all the fascinating characters Reba has created in her new take on the war between this world and the world of magic. But I can say this.

  Many of her characters in both worlds just happen to be lesbian or gay, bisexual or transgender.  To Reba, whatever they are makes no difference to the story.  I love that. One day we may live in a world where people are just people and fairies are just fairies but until then Reba’s writing reflect the America we all want to live in.”

An Actor’s Library - book review by Carlease Burke of Floodlight



Long Awaited, Words on a Plate, the Sequel to Floodlight, is now available in paperback and ebook! There are many characters who populate Merryville. Check out the ABOUT REBA tab above to find out more about them.

LAUNCH PARTY IS SEPTEMBER 1, 2019 AT 3:00 P.M. AT GATSBY BOOKSTORE, “The Literary Heart of Long Beach”

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