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Words on a Plate: Book 2 of the Hercynian Forest Series now available!

Panda and Mitzi Fowler, a married couple, and their best friends, Valerie and Juniper are processing their recent discovery that Magic is Real. Elves! Faries! Magical flying creatures!

And Mitzi has magical powers she never knew about that she might need to deploy when they take off to Peru to search for Panda’s long lost parents.

At home in Merryville, Juniper opens a new feminist exhibit at the museum called “Words on a Plate,” and it’s met with homophobia and protest. As all of them journey toward their goals, they’re threatened and terrorized, all of which crescendos at the Merryville museum. Can a little bit of magic help them overcome evil and prejudice? Or will hatred win?

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Panda Fowler never believed in the possibility of a supernatural world until her wife Mitzi is kidnapped and she must suspend her disbelief and jump in with both feet. She quickly learns that a world within a world exists and she, with the help of her best friends, Juniper and Valerie Gooden, must challenge this magical world to get Mitzi back.

Along the way they will learn the truth about Mitzi's heritage, and battle villians in Germany who practice the "Wolf Raven" religion that despises, among other things, homosexuality. This story is filled with quirky characters that will keep you smiling all the way to the end.

"In this first novel in a projected fantasy series, debut novelist Birmingham’s LGBTQ representation among the cast is refreshing. She parallels the fictional cult with the patriarchy, and she compares interspecies relationships in the fantasy world with LGBTQ relationships in ours" - Kirkus Review

Floodlight is available at the following fine stores: Gatsby Books, Babcock & Cooke in Long Beach, California


Publication: December 2018

Available NOW on Amazon and Bella Books in Paperback and Ebook.

Love Is In The Air

Love Is In The Air, a collection of romantic short stories about love that comes to us in different ways, different forms, and in ways we might never suspect. Whether we feel worthy or not, love is there. And it will find us all.

Reba Birmingham has a short story in the Anthology "Love is in the Air".

Love Is In The Air is available at Bella Books and Amazon.

Publication: February 2018

Ebook and Paperback

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